Voicing & Tonal Finishing

It is often said that the best or worst stop on any organ is the space in which it is placed, and our first “port of call” is always to visit and thoroughly assess the building in which an instrument is to be placed.

The next step is to determine the scaling of the pipework with reference to the acoustical environment in which the instrument is to be placed. (In the case of some modern buildings this can be challenging.) We next manufacture the pipes to those scalings before the process of voicing the pipework begins.

The final regulation of the pipework in all our instruments is carried out meticulously by our voicer/tonal finisher and assistant on site, ensuring that the overall suitability for the building and the use of the instrument is as fine a result as it is possible to achieve.

We are also contracted from time to time to carry out the tonal finishing of other organ builder’s instruments, something that we are generally happy to co-operate with.

Apo Flourish
Voicing and Tonal Finishing