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Australian Pipe Organs offers Revolutionary Slic Motors to the Market

Australian Pipe Organs is proud to exclusively offer Slic motors, a cutting-edge innovation in the world of organ technology. Originally invented by the renowned Australian Organ Builder, Steve Laurie, who honed his skills with Compton in the UK, Slic motors have undergone continuous refinement and perfection by David Cahill since 2001.

The Slic motor technology has revolutionised the design and function of electric stop action in traditional organ slider windchests. Over the years, the reliability and trouble-free operation of Slic motors have been proven, making them the preferred choice for electric stop action among organ builders and enthusiasts.

“Our journey with Slic motors began with Steve Laurie’s invention, and we are thrilled to have advanced and perfected this innovation with the expertise of David Cahill,” said Daniel Bittner, Director at Australian Pipe Organs. “Having incorporated Slic motors into many of our organs, we have witnessed their unparalleled performance and reliability firsthand.”

“We are dedicated to providing the best quality workmanship and service to our clients. By offering Slic motors to the organ building trade, we aim to share this exceptional technology and contribute to the advancement of the industry.”

Slic motors offer an excellent alternative to pneumatic drawchest and large stop solenoids, providing a level of performance that is unmatched. The motors have proven to deliver superior results, enhancing the electric stop action experience and complimenting the company’s exceptional organ building work.

Organ enthusiasts and professionals alike can now access the revolutionary Slic motors through Australian Pipe Organs. The company’s commitment to excellence extends to providing top-of-the-line products and exceptional customer service to organ builders across Australia and beyond.

For more information about Slic motors and Australian Pipe Organ’s services, please browse our website or contact us.

About Australian Pipe Organs:

Australian Pipe Organs is a leading organ building company based in Australia, known for its commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. With a rich history dating back to 1980, the company has garnered a reputation for excellence in the industry, and its work can be seen in prestigious organs around the country. Dedicated to providing unparalleled musical experiences, Australian Pipe Organs continues to push the boundaries of organ technology and design.

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