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Pipe Organ Overhauls

Pipe Organ Overhauls - Australian Pipe Organs (APO)

Pipe Organ Overhaul Service:

Experience the transformative power of a meticulously executed pipe organ overhaul and enjoy its renewed beauty, tonal richness, and exceptional performance.

We specialise in comprehensive overhauls of pipe organs – breathing new life into instruments that require extensive Pipe Organ Restorations or modernisation. Over time, organs may experience considerable wear, ageing components and changes in tonal requirements that can result in a diminished performance.

Our pipe organ overhaul service offers:

  1. Thorough Assessment:
    Our expert team conducts a detailed assessment of your pipe organ – examining its mechanical, electrical and tonal aspects. We identify areas that need improvement or replacement, ensuring a complete understanding of the overhaul requirements.
  2. Component Restoration or Replacement:
    We meticulously restore or replace worn or damaged components, including keyboards, trackers, wind system, relays and stop actions. Our skilled craftsmen ensure that each element is brought back to its optimal condition or upgraded to meet modern standards.
  3. Tonal Enhancement:
    We work closely with you to understand your desired tonal characteristics and make necessary adjustments. Whether it involves Pipe Organ Voicing, re-voicing, or re-scaling of pipes, our experienced technicians will achieve the desired tonal balance and clarity.
  4. Mechanical Optimisation:
    Our technicians thoroughly inspect and optimise the mechanical aspects of the organ, ensuring smooth operation, responsiveness, and reliable performance. We address any mechanical issues – including worn parts, leaks or malfunctions – to restore the instrument’s functionality.
  5. Electrical Upgrades (if applicable):
    If your organ includes electrical components or controls, we can perform necessary upgrades to enhance reliability and functionality. This may include replacing outdated wiring, improving the console or integrating modern control systems.
  6. Quality Assurance:
    Our commitment to excellence means that we adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. We conduct rigorous testing and Pipe Organ Tuning to ensure that the overhauled organ meets or exceeds your expectations in terms of sound quality, playability and longevity.

An overhaul by the Australian Pipe Organs team will revitalise your pipe organ, bringing it back to its former glory or transforming it to meet modern musical demands.

Contact us today to discuss your pipe organ overhaul needs. Let us breathe new life into your cherished instrument – ensuring its continued musical excellence for generations to come.

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