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Organ Rebuilding

Pipe Organ Rebuilding - Australian Pipe Organs (APO)

Pipe Organ Rebuilding Service:

With a rich history spanning back to our establishment in 1980, Australian Pipe Organs has earned a reputation for excellence in the rebuilding of larger pipe organs. We specialise in revitalising instruments – employing well-designed and responsive electro-pneumatic actions that enhance their performance and musical capabilities.

Our notable projects in pipe organ rebuilding include:

  1. All Saints Church, East St. Kilda:
    We embarked on our first major contract with the rebuilding of the large 1923 William Leopold Roberts instrument for All Saints Church. This project showcased our expertise in Organ Restorations and transforming a historic organ to its former glory.
  2. Geelong Grammar Music School:
    Among our recent achievements is the rebuilding of the organ for the prestigious Geelong Grammar Music School. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating instruments that meet the highest standards of musical education and performance.
  3. Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne:
    We have successfully rebuilt and enhanced the pipe organs in notable cathedrals such as Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bendigo and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne. These projects demonstrate our ability to tackle complex undertakings and deliver exceptional results.
  4. St Peters Catholic Church Toorak, St Andrews Anglican Church Brighton, Bethlehem Lutheran Church Adelaide, Christ Church Nth Adelaide, St. Mark’s Church Camberwell, and more:
    Our portfolio also includes a considerable number of other rebuilt and tonally enhanced organs, including the likes of Lindfield Uniting Church in NSW, Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Adelaide, Christ Church in North Adelaide, St. Mark’s Church in Camberwell, Victoria and Trinity College Chapel, Melbourne.

With each pipe organ rebuilding project, we bring a deep appreciation for the instrument’s history while incorporating modern advancements in design and technology. Our team of skilled craftsmen and technicians meticulously restore and enhance the mechanical and tonal aspects, ensuring an instrument of exceptional beauty, functionality and musical expression.

Experience the transformative power of our pipe organ rebuilding service. Contact us today to discuss your project and let us breathe new life into your cherished instrument, preserving its legacy and providing generations to come with unparalleled musical experiences.

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