Camberwell Grammar School

Project Description:

A new three manual instrument for the Performing Arts Centre consisting of 40 speaking stops, consisting of a main auditorium organ and stage organ and incorporating five ranks of pipes from the previous Trinity College, Parkville instrument, purchased by the school in 1997. The mobile drawstop console with an adjustable stool, both constructed in American Oak can be located at any point on the stage area. The case of the auditorium organ is constructed of American Oak, stained and polished to match and compliment the existing furnishings of the hall, and the facade is made up from the lower octaves of the Pedal Open Diapason 16′ and Principal 8′ stops, and Great Open Diapason 8′.

From the Director of Music:

“Australian Pipe Organs take much pride in their work and have a genuine love of what they do and will go out of their way to ensure that the receivers of their work are more satisfied and can truly rejoice in the final instrument.”